Living Defender

Living Defender: Who is he? What is his name? What does he do? What are his powers? But first, where did he get his name?

Living Defender.

I know I said it was on it’s way, but I decided that since the drawing was done that I would give you a rough sketch of the character art work.
I have also done a brief and rough character name origin… Enjoy.

One evening he was sitting, with his weapon, Little Slugger sitting on the table. He turns to his close friend D, the mechanic. As he sits, trying to come up with his own name, his friend turns to him and says, wait, “As opposed to a cool name like Zombie Hunter or Zombie Slayer?”
J: Too much like Buffy
D: You could be Super Zombie Killer, Killer Z or Z Killer.
J: Sounds French
D: American Z Fighter
J: Sounds like the name of a prison inmate or worse yet a Marvel reject.
D: what is with the living defender then? Instead of the dead defender? Defender from the dead, ah, very clever… Living Defender, the defender of the living. I like it. Can I just call you L-D?
J: Sure, you could just call me J.
D: But you have to have a super secret identity.
J: I guess.
D: It’s important.
J: It’s only important if people actually know you exist.
(To be continued.)


2 responses to “Living Defender

  • Charles Hatfield

    I like the dress shirt and tie. Incongruous. Is that an “LD” logo on the pocket?

    This hero looks like he’s either ready to work for Target, or to canvass the neighborhood as a door-to-door evangelist, witnessing. Huh?

    Again, I see black comedy here.

    • blkdragon

      Yes, that’s an LD on the pocket, the pictures came about before hand. I had written a zombie story prior and I wanted to do the back story. I wanted to reinvent the way we look at zombies, having more grey areas and more reason for the change in the way the uprising started. First the living defender is just your average vigilante, slowly becoming more in tune with his super power to see the future. He can help change events but there is one he can’t undo, the end of the world, but he can save the people that can help him rescue the world from total destruction or so he believes. The majority of the story will probably take place when zombies are being used as corporate puppets…any more on that later…but yes, its more to poke fun at a superhero keeping an identity even after the world is doomed.

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