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My Comic Book Rediscovery

The Hulk

The Hulk as done by mbreitweiser. This image can be found at deviant art.

My name is Sia as you can probably gather from the title of the blog. I recently moved back to the Los Angeles area after living in the California’s Central Valley. I now find myself embarking on a new part of my academic journey, one that involves comic books. I never claimed to be an expert or a huge fan of comics. I read some of the ones my friends gave me. Up until now most of the comic books that I have read were probably those that are better known as “graphic novels.” I seldom read the ones that came out week to week or month to month. Although, I did read a few of my friend John’s Spawn comic books. There was also the occasional reading of comic books at the local book store. I can’t really remember my first encounter with comics or which one that I read first.

The first time I really encountered a super hero of sorts was Superman II. I think my fascination with superheros began with the Man of Steel. I blame my mother for taking me to the two dollar matinee at this little dumpy theatre on Eagle Rock Boulevard after the movie had been out of theaters already for quite some time. The vivid blue and red is what I remember the most. The music still resonates in my ears.

But then again, most people had already had time to forget about this movie because it was not until I was about two years old when I would be exposed to a super hero. Although, after thinking about it more carefully, I would have to say that my first super hero encounter was with televisions rendition of the Incredible Hulk. But then again, I can’t remember anything from the television show except watching it on my two inch black and white portable television and wearing a yellow and green Hulk shirt in the process. By now you are already saying, “Who the hell cares?” I don’t expect anyone to really care about what I have to say about these comic books. I am entering into a discourse on comics that has its origins within the realm of academia, my English 492 class. This has resulted in my writing this blog. From time to time if you care to visit my blog, I will give reviews and comment on the various findings that I encounter while I investigate further the world of comics, a world that I have always been intrigued by but never fully immersed myself.  I suppose I should just say bare with me as I find my words as they have a tendency to escape me at times.


I must as Kevin Smith’s Dante Hicks would say, “Give Credit where credit is due…” The image in the background is of Superman and Batman and is wonderfully painted by JPart and sketched by Jim Lee. The art can be found at deviant art.


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